Barry Wise


Barry Wise grew up in the small town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At the ripe old age of 18, Barry decided to “see what the West had to offer” and moved to Arizona. It was here that he met and married his wife, Brooke. Together they have 6 children ranging in age from 3-21! It looks like the West proved a lot to offer. 

Barry decided to start his role as a coach when he realized how much he enjoyed helping others overcome what they once thought was impossible. However, he is not only CrossFit Level 1 certified and a Certified Personal Trainer, but he also spends a big portion of his week as a Firefighter/Paramedic at Yuma Proving Ground Fire Department. Barry’s professions and role as a husband and father definitely speak volumes of his eagerness to serve others.

When he does find himself with free time, Barry enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, and as most of us at Nā Koa know – Barry loves lunging!!


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