Brittney Dahn


When Brittney Dahn started CrossFit in 2012, she went against her own will because (as she puts it), “she didn't want to be part of the ‘cult.” After her first WOD - she was HOOKED!!! Even despite wanting to puke!

Although CrossFit would seem an “easy” transition for Brittney with a sports background including gymnastics and bodybuilding, just one year (to the day) before her first CrossFit adventure, she suffered a debilitating double hip injury that left her immobile. After 4 day a week Physical Therapy, Brittney learned that she needed to find a way to rebuild her body in a way that wouldn't destroy it again.

According to Brittney, her body fought everything her CrossFit coaches taught her. "Go lower, keep the weight in your heels, chest up" are all cues that she hated and helped to form her love/hate relationships with her coaches. "I can't do that!" she would argue, but they were patient and persistent as she learned how to actually use her body. This principle alone has stuck with her and taught Brittney to not give up, even when she thinks her body wants to. She admits that it's a large portion of what makes her, her.

Brittney’s love for the sport of CrossFit not only comes with the passion from the coaches, but the community. Despite your skill level, everyone is always welcoming. This was the main reason she got her CrossFit Level 1 two years ago. She wanted to be part of watching this amazing community grow and flourish into this living breathing thing that can literally change lives. To Brittney, seeing the excitement when an athlete achieves their first <insert a goal> is the best feeling a coach can have. To know the athletes trust and confide in her enough to push their bodies out of their comfort zones is the ultimate answer to "why do you coach and partake in this incredibly humble sport?”

Having originally called Colorado home, Brittney moved here with her husband and 2.5 year old son when he was stationed at MCAS Yuma in 2015. She is finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a Minor in International Affairs and Public Policy from Regent University and plans to start her Master’s in the fall. She currently contracts for SIG. Brittney loves coffee and fuzzy socks 


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