Chris Kelly


After some serious encouragement (drug by his toes) from his wife to join her for the very first World’s Best Boot Camp – Yuma troop in August 2014, Chris Kelly quickly realized what had been missing in his life. After taking a hiatus from lifting weights and with bowling being his main sport since junior high, Chris was excited to find himself jumping straight into CrossFit at the end of the 6 weeks. He came to understand that CrossFit is more than a “gym,” it’s a community of like-minded individuals with similar goals and best of all – people who encourage you to never give up and to always strive for more.

About a year and a half into his journey, Chris knew it was time to start his next phase and began coaching at Nā Koa Fitness. After working a full-time job with ICS at Yuma Proving Ground during the week and recently starting weekend work at Southwest Exchange Home & RV Superstore for one of our members, it’s easy to say Chris is pretty tired at the end of the night. However, Chris says when he heads in to train our athletes, he finds a new sense of energy. His absolute favorite is watching someone’s face light up after they complete a workout they didn’t think they could.

Having traveled state to state as a part of a Marine Corps family, Chris has learned to appreciate the places that instantly feel like home. Having been born in the tip top part of Maine from Michaganian parents, he wouldn’t have expected to call Yuma, Arizona home after graduating from Kofa High School. However, here he is many moons later surrounded by family and friends and surprisingly loving every minute.

In what free time Chris can find, he enjoys going to the movies with his wife, traveling, and relaxing at home with their pets. He has a strong interest in historical landmarks and museums. Chris also loves Del Taco.


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