Diana Tate

Office Staff

Born and raised in Yuma, Diana Tate grew up playing softball, playing the clarinet in her high school marching band as well as being a member of the Color Guard Team. With an outgoing personality that will light up anyone’s day, this girl is definitely a “social bunny” who loves getting together with people – family, close friends or even random strangers!

Diana’s bright personality is only part of what makes her the perfect fit as our Member Support Specialist. Diana is known as the “Zen Planner Guru” and is the go-to woman for any account issues, enrollments, retail purchases and any other support that may be needed. Diana is without a doubt a great asset to our team who keeps things running smoothly around the box as well as being Dustine’s right hand girl!

Before joining us at Na Koa Fitness, LLC, Diana majored in Psychology and has spent the last 6 years (still active) building her Pure Romance business. Having her own business allowed Diana more time to spend doing what she loves most – reading and spending time with her husband of 9 years, Charlie, their 3 kids and 2 dogs. She also loves any chance to go to a good rock concert when life permits.

We met Diana when she joined Troop 010 of World’s Best Boot Camp – Yuma in May of 2015. After two troops, she jumped over to the “other side” - CrossFit. She said she joined WBBC because nothing else had worked for her. She tried all the fad diets and tried working out on her own, but she kept getting the same results. Diana’s brother brought by the WBBC flyer to share with her when he wasn’t interested for himself and thought she would like it – I think it’s obvious to see that she LOVED it!

The community of people being her favorite part of Na Koa, Diana could see how much Dustine needed help behind the scenes and jumped right in volunteering her time however it was needed. Having proved her worth with hard work, generosity and a positive attitude, it was only one month later Diana was offered a part-time paid staff position in the Na Koa Office. Much to our delight, she was excited to accept the position and has been making a great impact for us ever since.

Diana is extremely passionate about helping others and pushing them to become better versions of themselves. She holds on to the motto, “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” Diana is a self-proclaimed “total Dr. Who nerd. Like MAJOR fan girl status when it come to that show” and she loves doing carpool karaoke.


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