Jamie Norris

Office Manager

Originally hailing from Monroe, MI, Jamie learned how to take advantage of the sunny days which she gets a lot of now in Arizona!  Growing up she didn’t see herself much as an “athlete” as she love biking, swimming, gymnastics and cheerleading; however, with parents who coached softball, she did land herself on a softball team as well.

Once Jamie moved from Michigan and headed to Colorado her love of outdoor activities truly was born.  Her local friends introduced her to mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and snowboarding.  Couple of proud moments she holds onto are completing the Moab Slick Rock Trail in Utah and summitting a Colorado “14’er.”  As a military spouse, Jamie always tried to stay active wherever home was at the time.  Alabama, Germany, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas and North Carolina were all called home before finally arriving in Yuma, Arizona in April 2009 when her husband returned home safe from Afghanistan that year.


As a part of the Military Free Fall School family for a few years, she came to appreciate the sense of community both the military and Yuma offered.  So much so that she volunteers her time each year fundraising for an annual golf tournament that benefits the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF). The Military Free Fall School host this amazing cause at Mesa Del Sol Gold Course and March 2019 will mark their 10-year anniversary.


We first met Jamie during World’s Best Boot Camp Yuma Troop 012 in September 2015 after tagging along with a friend. At the time, Jamie had been invited several times to join CrossFit or come along to Bring a Friend events at other locations.  She was still happy with walking her dog, some weightlifting with tips from her husband or a variety of Beach Body videos in the living room.  This kept her challenged in the beginning and to avoid boredom, she would strive to beat her time, reps, or weight used.


Thanks to encouraging and motivating coaches, volunteers, and fellow troop members, Jamie decided to move forward with Foundations and on to CrossFit.  Gaining more than just a leaner physical appearance, Jamie learned she was still competitive and stronger than she ever gave herself credit for. Her favorite part – she’s never bored!


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