Lynsey Okamura

Owner & Coach

Not to be outdone by her counterpart, Lynsey Okamura also played a big role in turning Nā Koa Fitness from a dream to a reality.

Born in San Diego and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico, as a child Lynsey was a Girl Scout and played the French Horn in the band. She even played in the Rose Parade with her high school marching band! Having loved both of those extracurriculars, Lynsey only briefly played sports in High School, in fact, she didn’t even learn how to weight lift until after college.

Lynsey graduated from New Mexico State University in 2005 with a double major. After relocating and getting married, she returned to college and graduated from NAU Yuma with a Bachelor’s in Biology and minor in Chemistry in 2010. Her plan to become a Physical Therapist changed with the birth of their first son.

It wasn’t until 2012 that she realized her competitive spirit and love for weightlifting. Lynsey’s love for learning and the CrossFit community had her hooked and ready to keep practicing CrossFit through her next 3 pregnancies. Now, a mother of 4 young boys, she continues to CrossFit and coach with Nā Koa Fitness as well as advocate for parents to work out by providing a parent supervised co-op playroom. Looking to the future, she will be coaching kids weightlifting for 8-12-year-olds in hopes to keep families growing stronger together.

As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, Lynsey is busy being a boy-mom every day including managing her role as part of a local homeschool co-op for the past 5 years. As a family, they were called to take this route and will continue to as long as it still feels like the right path.

Lynsey says these days fun consists of reading a good book with the boys as well as reading for herself (mostly in the form of audiobooks, lots of audiobooks). 


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