Stacey Anderson


Born and raised in Ohio, Stacey Ann Anderson first traveled west of the Mississippi in 1991 and made her way to Yuma. The plan was for a short stay, but Yuma has a way of embracing you and making you hers. Stacey’s family has since relocated to South Carolina and although they communicate daily, she definitely misses them!

Stacey is currently in the Instructor Training Program at Na Koa and although she claims to not be your typical trainer, many will disagree. She insists she is not a heavy lifter or a fast runner, but she’s lifting far more than her body weight on most lifts. In her own words, “I am now in my 50s, weigh under 100#, and am too short to reach the pull up bar, but I have discovered something that has most definitely added to my quality of life.”

She says growing up she didn’t think of herself as an athlete, even thinking that sports were for boys!! So aside from being a cheerleader in junior/senior high and college, and one Rockstar twirler (she traveled all over the US twirling competitively holding numerous titles and collecting over 200 trophies!!! Plus, being feature twirler her senior year of high school) she excelled academically and socially!

And excel academically she did! Stacey received her Bachelor’s in Education from Ashland University, her Master’s in Psychology from Marshall University and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Walden University. Since moving to Yuma, she has worked as a school psychologist for Yuma School District One and provided contract services for Desert View and Carpe Diem Academies, the Yuma east county school, the Arizona Early Intervention Program and the Yuma County Detention Center. She also worked with drug and alcohol abusers and in a sexual assault unit. Having retired from the school district, Stacey is still a licensed psychologist with a private practice (but says don’t worry, I will not analyze you when I am off the clock!).

Stacey started out as a member of WBBC Troop 007, and fell in love with the energy of the coaches and camaraderie she shared with her peers. She watched as the sport took her mind and body to a whole new level of fitness she had never experienced. She said prior to that, work had caused her to be skinny fat so she wanted to do something for herself. She joined Troop 007 for 2 reasons: she wanted to be able to walk her 130-pound dog without getting road rash, and she wanted to be able to pick up her Sportster if she dropped it. She wanted to be stronger; more fit.

Stacey has always enjoyed working with and helping others, and loves CrossFit, so it made sense to merge these two passions and begin to coach. She hopes to help inspire and ignite that excitement in others who wish to become a fitter and stronger version of themselves. She admits balancing life's responsibilities can be tough, but she believes that finding time for yourself and your health is very important.

Stacey is active in her church, and thanks the Lord for His many blessings in her life. She also enjoys the outdoors, whether it’s being in the desert, the mountains, or at the beach. She is also an animal lover and activist, and lives with her Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Cooter, and 5 rescued cats. Stacey loves cheesecake.


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